Monday, January 12, 2004

What the title means and other stories

Well.. I am not a Rock 'n Roll star. Nor am I a multi-millionaire who can afford to live life the "Rock 'n Roll way".

Then who am I ?? Just an uninteresting 26-something guy who leads a drab and uninteresting life ?? Well yes. Not that I dont like 20-something babes hanging around my neck, but thats the way it is. Yes, maybe now you can close this window and move on to other interesting things.

I have a friend whose interests range from "Universe" to "Child Psychology". I can understand the second one as it stemmed from a desperate attempt to woo a "girl". But "Universe" ?? Never could get that. More on that later.

Now, I dont claim such interests. My Dad wanted to make me a good artist. He probably thought otherwise, when he saw my drawings, and started concentrating on my sister. She did become a good one at that, I should add.

But then, my interests do span various realms. Mundane stuff like reading comics, more mundane stuff like, well, I'll go into that later. The point is there is nothing exotic. So there. Is it a miracle that babes don't dig me ??

I have another friend who started growing his hair. The last time he went to the barber was on August 11th, 2002. (I have heard it so many times from him that the date is imprinted in my head). Well, it has grown so long that it gives him, frequent bouts of fever, due to water clogged hair etc. Now he wants to cut it off. The day dawns and invariably a person appears, who comments on his hair. Good or bad, it becomes an ego issue and there you are. (Hope he doesn't see this blog, as he happens to be my room-mate).

More on friends. This guy loves his RD350. Don't ask what an RD350 is. As per him, it is renowned the world over. Still, I'll let you in on the secret. It is a two-wheeler from the Neanderthal Era. You don't ride it. You just push it. Most of the RD lovers claim that it can be driven at least 10% of the way. Still you have a laborious 90% push ahead. There is a club of RD lovers in our city. They meet every Friday night, to discuss what is wrong with their bike. You see, it is a never ending experience. Now I am planning to buy one too.

So you see, I am one of the sanest guys you can meet. (Are the babes listening ?).