Saturday, January 01, 2005

Another Year (To Look Forward To ?)

Happy New Year to all my readers. (If it is all my imagination please tell me so. I mean the "all my readers" part)

My New Year was a wee bit off-colour as I was on call. The quarter-end etc. But at the stroke of midnight, when the clock struck 13, I was there in my house with whatever was remaining of the gang. Bike Push, District Committee, Wild Man, Seemingly Silent and Casanova were present.

Perpetual Whiner was missing. He called up from his home to relate a cock and bull story of how he was unable to make it and stuff like that. He told us that he will explain in detail as to what happened once he lands in Bangalore on 2nd. To this day, he has not called us, let alone given us the explanation.

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