Saturday, December 25, 2004

The Scorpio Test Drive

Milwaukee Maestro and Perpetual Whiner came to my house one day. Milwaukee Maestro wanted to buy a Mahindra Scorpio badly. Of course he had to test-drive it first. Casanova and even the great Bike Push were also present. (I know it is a surprise, but yes. Bike Push decided one fine morning that he had to come and mee his old friends. Of course, he came in his Suzuki Samurai. Such mundane travel doesn't require the services of an RD-350.)

The 5 of us set out for the test drive. We got into a brand new Scorpio and got to Inner Ring Road. Here the driver gave the keys to Milwaukee Maestro. This guy started driving like a maniac, brake-testing quite a few vehicles on the way. Whiner and Casanova later told me that the middleseats were pretty comfortable, but Bike Push and I were hanging on for our dear lives. After taking a couple of rounds on Inner Ring Road, we reached back the show room. But, just when we thought that our ordeal was over, Maestro drove past the show room and famously exclaimed "I want to drive through a Bad Road". All that Milwaukee accent was difficult for us to comprehend, but we got the jist of it. Another roller coaster ride later we were back in the showroom. On the way back to my house, Maestro again exclaimed, "Life is Pond". Even after countless, interpretations and re-interpretations, to this day we have never been able to make out what he meant. Maybe, sometimes Life is indeed Pond.

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