Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Marriage

We all went for Bride Seeker's marriage. It was a really glamorous affair. Wild Man did not come as he had his own axes to grind. A certain soft spot towards a certain somebody who works with him and who was in a fix and needed help and so on and so forth. It took us almost an hour to get this out of his mouth, though.

Perpetual Whiner told us the details of how Bride Seeker finally managed to find a bride. This was the 27th proposal that came his way and already he had lost hope. With a receding hairline and advancing age, who wouldn't. Even we knew that his chances were slim, but of course we wouldn't tell him. But when he went to meet the 27th girl, the one on one interview lasted 3 hours (according to eye-witnesses). And it ended with Bride Seeker losing all hope. He called up Milwaukee Maestro, who was waiting for him at a hotel, and told him about it. But as they started packing for their return journey back to their home-town, the 27th girl called again and asked for another interview. Bride Seeker rushed to the spot, had another round, this time lasting 4 hours and clinched the deal.

Of course, it was a surprise for all of us, but what surprised us even more was that he chose to be smug about it. As if it was all in a days work.

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