Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A Few More Knights of the Round Table

Milwaukee Maestro as the name suggests, was in Milwaukee for a long time and the people and culture there kinda rubbed off on him. We hardly understand the English when he speaks.

Otto von German, is an Indian who has visited Germany a couple of times. But he still speaks English with a distinctive South Indian accent. Otto as in auto-rickshaw. According to him, he was once mistaken as an Irish guy, but according to Bike Push that was in a guys only nightclub somewhere in Florida.

Firebrand Phoney was a firebrand in college, with leftist leanings. But a defeat in the elections put an end to his fire-breathing. He is now a total bourgeois, and even argues for the capitalists' sake. My my, times do change.

Army Man, has an interesting story. He was my colleague until recently. He checked out close to 20 prospective brides before he decided on the right one a la the Bride Seeker. And finally without going into details I would say, that, there was this army connection, and hence the name.

Casanova has a way with girls. At least he thinks so. I will not say anymore, as he is now engaged.

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