Thursday, October 07, 2004

Depleting Resources

Fear Factor too announced a week back that he was following the footsteps of the Patriot and quitting India. This is going to reduce our once mighty weekend gang of 15 to a mere 3. Just Wild Man, Seemingly Silent and Me. District Committee would drop in once in a while. Bike Push has his own axes or rather axles to grind. Robot is under strict diet control and his parents are here to enforce it. Lazy Lozenge is, well, you figure it out.

Robot and Bike Push are room-mates. But Bike Push hardly goes that way now-a-days for fear of Robot's parents. He usually sleeps in the house of Fear Factor, his old school chum. Now that Fear Factor is going, I have this uneasy, nagging feeling that he is going to pile on to us.

Bride Seeker finally managed to find a bride. He has not told this to us yet. Thanks to some excellent spy work by Perpetual Whiner, we are in the know. Seems he is gonna get married by November. He is waiting to surprise us with his wedding announcement soon. Hope he doesn't see this post before that.

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