Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Long time since I posted anything. I even got a comment on my last post from a fan. He/She (I hope it is a She) wanted to know what happened after the jaundice experience. In fact a lot has happened since then. Here is the update.

Gentle Giant came back from France and announced that he has decided to part ways with his new job. Wasn't very surprising 'coz of many reasons. Since he landed in this city, in February, in a span of 6 months he had changed 4 jobs already. His new job is based in the capital city.

'The Magnificent Seven' who got jaundice are still recovering. You know, it is a long process. The latest hot topics of gossip has become the SGPT and SGOT counts. For the uninitiated, it is some long named Greek sounding enzymes that your liver is supposed to produce.

Around August, Perpetual Whiner too contracted jaundice. This was indeed the worst of times for him, having recuperated from Chicken Pox just a few months back. Well, the fun part is he went to a doctor in a supposedly good hospital and she gave him typhoid medications. Poor chap was so down and out by the third day, that he had to be sent home to his parents to get over it.

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