Sunday, July 18, 2004


Forgot to tell you. Seemingly Silent came back. I did not go to the airport to pick him up. He came on his own. Spent a fortune on the taxi too.
Seemingly Silent started relating his Canada experiences. At 4:30 in the morning. I finally did end up losing my sleep. And the very day he arrived, I was diagnosed with jaundice.
After 3 weeks, the worst of it is over now. My affliction as well as his fiction.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sushen,
Whatz happening these days...
No update from u for long...I hope u are doing fine now.
Would love to hear more from you abt the jaundice experience..whatz up there?

One Reader.

Anonymous said...

your blog is a lot of shit maligning friends as if you are an incarnation of a perfect guy.

Anonymous said...

who do you think youare personification of all the virtues ?
Let us see some funny stuff about yourselves in your nex t blog.We would like to laugh on you as well