Saturday, July 10, 2004


Robot went to Taiwan for a few days' trip. Official, of course. He came back, complained of viral fever, and went home for a few days rest. Bike-Push, his room-mate, too started having dizzy spells. Turned out they were both suffering from jaundice. Then the rush started. One by one, District Committee, Bride Seeker and Fear Factor too went home complaining of jaundice. The last one to get infected was yours truly. Wait, that's what everybody thought.

One day, I called up Lazy Lozenge from my home, to enquire about his well being. He started screaming at me. Poor chap. He too contracted the disease, and was admitted in a good but cut-throat hospital. Mind you, in Allopathy, there is no cure for Jaundice. The only prescribed medication is 'complete rest'. It is heart-breaking to think of the bill presented to Lazy Lozenge from the hospital. And that too, just for using their bed for a couple of days.

Sadly, Wild Man from Borneo somehow escaped the Jaundice epidemic.

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