Thursday, July 01, 2004

The Marriage Trip

The Wild man from Borneo has a car. We go places in that. The latest trip was to attend a friend's marriage. A dear old chap, who would have been heart-broken, if we hadn't attended.

The first time the issue was discussed was when the Patriot came back after a 3 month stay in his "homeland". He threw a party, as usual, in our house. The party was well attended, again, as usual. The Wild Man, the Patriot (of course), the Bike-Push, the Perpetual Whiner, District Committee, Fear Factor, all attended. The Bike-Push argued with great effort, the futility of attending friends' marriages (in general). The reason laid down was, the married guys no longer come to our bachelor dens etc. Seemed like a lame reason to me. Dunno. The arguments got heated and finally I requested a vote. Everybody except Bike-Push voted an emphatic "Yes, I will attend the marriage".

The day fast approaching, Perpetual Whiner, telephoned me saying he will not be able to attend. Same was the case with Distict Committee. To cut a long story short, the final head count came down to 4. Fear Factor, Patriot, Wild Man and I. Wild Man suggested travelling by his car and we agreed.

The day dawned and the Patriot who had made such big noises against Bike-push on the day of the argument started balking. The reason : (Brace yourself) His girlfriend told him not to go.

Heart-broken at the fact that our dear friend, ditched us for a girl and more heart-broken at the fact that, we didn't have a girlfriend like that (so that we could have ditched him some time in the future), the three of us, Wild Man, Fear Factor and I, set off to see the last bachelor day of a dear friend.

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