Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Rest

I'll breeze through the rest of the inmates of the "Asylum for the Mentally Challenged"

The Robot has a mechanical way about him. I will not poke fun at him. If it was not for him, I would not have got even pass marks in my Final Year Project in college.

The Perpetual Whiner has the whole world scheming against him. His colleagues, his old classmates, his friends, all of them. One typical complaint, "Guys, yesterday, I was walking down this road and I met this colleague of mine. He didn't say 'Hi'. Not only that, he turned and walked away too. Now that I wonder, my appraisal must have gone bad because this guy must have poisoned my boss's ears etc. blah.. blah.. blah..". All our consolations like "He must not have seen you", "He must have been preoccuppied" falls on deaf ears. Now for all we know, he might not know him even.

Bride Seeker has been in his quest for well over 3 years now. Still no luck.

Fear Factor is so fearful that if a guy in the neighbourhood is down with fever, he will go to the doctor for treatment for suspected typhoid, malaria, jaundice etc.

Lazy Lozenge is so lazy that if he has just done his shitting in a beach, he'll wait for the waves to come and wipe the shit off his ass.

Gentle Giant is an amiable giant who lives life righteously and is on the path to salvation.

District Committee was one of the influential political figures from college days. You throw so much as a wrong glance at him and he will have the party's district committee after you. After an MBA degree, now he has thrown the party's Proletarian policies to the wind and joined an MNC.

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