Friday, July 02, 2004


Did I tell you that all of us were batchmates in college ?? Well.. Yes. Nice old days. Enjoyed 4 years. And then we ended up in this city. Many others did well in their lives since. We.. well, we too did well. The hotellers did prosper once we came to this city. An obscure mechanic, with a small two-wheeler workshop by the highway, also prospered.

Many other car workshops also prospered. Take the case of our Lazy Lozenge's car. Once he was trying to park his car in the basement of his apartment. There was a pillar by the side. As he was backing up, suddenly this pillar just jumped out and moved 2 feet towards the car. Believe me, for no reason, the concrete pillar moved. Poor Lozenge, 5000 rupees down the drain for the scratched door, broken glass etc. That Lozenge is no expert driver is quite another matter. Tell me what could he do, if concrete pillars start behaving like this ? They are supposed to know their place.

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